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My name is Monica (Mo). I am the proud owner of Girlfriends Clothing. I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio but in recent years I relocated to Phoenix, Arizona. Fashion has always been apart of who am I since I was a little child. While most kids desired to be teachers, lawyers and doctors, I wanted to have my own clothing store. I’m a women of faith who believes my purpose in life is to encourage, inspire and empower women from ALL walks of life. Some may ask the question “ What does that have to do with fashion?” My answer is” It has everything to do with fashion.” Let me explain how. Life throws us so many curve balls and sometimes anxiety, suicidal thoughts, low self esteem, bitterness, unhappiness and depression comes upon us. We become overwhelmed and we feel like we shouldn’t be here on earth. Speaking from experience those are often the times when we don’t feel the prettiest or see our best selves. I’ve learned when you LOOK GOOD you FEEL GOOD!!! Here at Girlfriends Clothing we take pride in offering you products that LOOK GOOD so you can FEEL GOOD and accomplish your God given purpose in life. I hope that every piece of clothing that you purchase gives you just as much joy as it gave us to fulfill your purchase!

Lastly I would like to say thank you for supporting my vision, without your support it would still be a dream.

Your Fellow Girlfriend